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Body & Soul

With this section we have put together a series of recommendations that include taking care of one’s Body and interesting things about Barcelona’s Soul, its built and natural environment. The physical in terms of restaurants and cafés that offer healthy foods, places to be pampered and take exercise. And the environmental in terms of how Barcelona as a city is increasingly aware of how our surroundings are responsible for our ultimate wellbeing.

Complex Equipaments a Vil.la Urània

23 March 2018 Complex Equipaments a Vil.la Urània

This complex of buildings located between Barcelona’s Via Agusta and C/ Saragossa in the Sarrià - Sant Gervasi neighbourhood is a community centre for neighbouring residents.

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01 March 2018 Veritas

Veritas is a ground breaking Catalan chain of supermarkets offering its clients the best quality and healthiest foodstuffs at affordable prices. With an emphasis on certified ecological foods selected for their taste and health benefits (over 4,500 different products) as well as its own label food products (over 400) and other goods.

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The Green Spot

01 March 2018 The Green Spot

Although the vegetarian and vegan food revolution arrived slightly late to Barcelona, the city has been making up the lost ground ever since.


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