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Discover our thermal bath zone

Since the time of ancient Rome, civilizations have understood the recuperative powers of Spa and thermal baths culture. Combined with natural plant therapies they have become the ultimate place for rest and relaxation, offering the following options:

DRY SAUNA: Minimum humidity and maximum temperatures (that the body can withstand comfortably), combined with pine essential oils to eliminate toxins and flush out other unwanted substances, while activating the body’s circulation. We recommend sessions of no more than 15 minutes.

HAMMAM: High temperatures and 95% humidity in which to inhale exhilarating eucalyptus essential oils, a refreshing aroma that helps clear the respiratory system and give a sense of renewal. We recommend sessions of no more than 15 minutes.

To take full advantage of the wellness suite experience, we recommend a cold shower after each session and time to relax afterwards. Approximate duration: 45 minutes.