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A unique restaurant and look-out-post specialising in tapas, grilled meats and ‘platos de cuchara’ or brothy rice and fideua dishes (including different varieties of paella).

June 05, 2020

Casa Gispert

A shop selling gourmet produce that dates back to 1851 when it was founded by the eponymous family located in the Borne neighbourhood around the corner from Santa María del Mar and the Picasso museum.

June 05, 2020

City Bar & Restaurant

The City Bar & Restaurant serves typical Mediterranean fare within a bistro type format. Traditional dishes given a contemporary make-over with the emphasis on seasonal and fresh cuisine.


June 05, 2020

Cal Pep

A classic Barcelona tapas restaurant located within the Borne neighbourhood, one of the most charming and interesting to explore in the city. The word Cal means home of, the equivalent of ‘chez’ in French, that best defines the warm and intimate ambience here where the ingredients are freshly prepared daily by Pep, the chef and owner.

June 05, 2020