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Moco Museum Barcelona, the most fashionable contemporary art

At the end of the year 2021 in the Born district of Barcelona the Dutch fashion couple, Kim and Lionel Logchies, opened their second MOCO museum - whose name comes from Modern and Contemporary - after their acclaimed gallery in Amsterdam. This time in Barcelona, they open the doors for all art lovers, their incredible collection and pieces borrowed from the world's leading artists: Dali, Bansky, Warhol, Basquiat, Haring or Murakami. 

The museum reflects the same concept that gave them success in Amsterdam, a disruptive and different museum for all audiences. The idea was born thanks to Kim's passion for contemporary art, and for the modern art of his partner, Lionel, and his passion for the 'big names', as he describes himself.  

We invite you to enjoy this incredible setting and stay in our magnificent Grand Hotel Central perfect for art lovers, located in the heart of the characteristic Born neighborhood and just 5 minutes walk from the MOCO Museum Barcelona.

Everything you need to know about MOCO Museum Barcelona: tickets, opening hours and much more

The innovative MOCO museum is located inside a medieval castle with a great local renown: the Cervelló Palace. It is located at 25 Montcada Street in Barcelona, right next to the Picasso Museum. 

How much are the tickets to the MOCO Barcelona museum? The cheapest ticket for adults costs 13,50€ but if you want to enter during rush hours it can cost up to 16,50€. Children up to 12 years old enter for free and young people up to 17 years old can enter for 8,50€.  

What are the opening hours? MOCO Museum Barcelona is open Monday to Thursday from 10AM to 7PM and from Friday to Sunday the closing time is extended to 9PM.  

Bansky, Dalí, Warhol, Basquiat, Haring or Murakami all meet in Barcelona

In this exhibition you will find the best pieces of the best known artists of modern and contemporary art divided into 5 different blocks, each with a unique style to create a space in which to enjoy a unique experience. For example, the MOCO Museum Barcelona collects most of the works of the successful British artist Bansky, all of them with a social claim.  

If once you have visited the museum you still want to live an incredible experience, come and relax at our Skybar, the terrace of Grand Hotel Central where you can enjoy the best views of Barcelona and sip a refreshing cocktail. Do not miss our menu! 

The future: Digital immersive art

Although we find renowned artists in the MOCO Museum Barcelona, the block that has attracted the most attention in social networks has been the immersive world of digital art. This is possible thanks to the popular collective Team Lab, which creates digital pieces to live an experience with all 5 senses. And is that the Team Labs team has created an optical illusion of infinite diamonds perfect for any Instagram story, an ideal attraction for young people in Barcelona. 

Finally, a small final room dedicated to the famous NFT (non fungible tokens) with collaborations such as Beeple, the most famous author of these pieces of art that recently sold a work valued at 57 million. This small section is the first digital art room to be seen in Europe.  

Photo © Adrià Goula
January 28, 2022