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Walks through the Gothic Quarter arriving at the Federico Marés Museum

Walking though the Gothic Quarter between its historical wall and squares that guard surprising stories is one of the main attractions of this area. We propose discovering the secrets of one of the its most romantic and photographed neighbourhoods, step by step.

Just turn right on the first corner after leaving the hotel were you’ll likely find a musician busking here turn left onto c/ de la Piedad, the street that skirts around the Cathedral to appreciate its Gothic architecture in all its splendour. You’ll then reach Plaza Sant Lu, where the entrance to the Federico Marés Museum is located, an unusual museum that also accommodates one of Barcelona’s most attractive secret gardens. If you have time don’t leave without searching out the Hebrew inscriptions carved by the stonemasons into each and every one of the walls here. You’ll see first hand the melting pot of cultures that Barcelona represents over the centuries. 

Opened in 1946 the Federico Marés Museum is a unique museum featuring the collections that its founder put together over his life. An extensive collection of religious carvings share the exhibition space with thousands of day to day objects from the 19th Century amongst which are included: pipes, combs, fans, watches and photographs. A veritable journey to the past and an obligatory stop for anyone interested in finding out more about Catalan culture within one of the most extensive collections of private pieces from the Catalan capital.

You are now just a few steps from discovering one of the most fascinating and little known corners of the city, the gardens of the Federico Marés Museum. During the summer months it’s the perfect spot to cool off or read by the fountain that houses colourful fish and water lilies, as well as centuries of history.

Finding a space right at the centre of the neighbourhood that showcases world class art and sculptural pieces belonging to the most important Catalan collector of the 20th Century,  Federico Marés is a genuine find.

June 05, 2020