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Experience wellbeing and slow life in Barcelona

We live in an increasingly busy world, where everything happens so fast that we barely have time to stop and think about ourselves.

And when it comes to big cities like Barcelona, ​​the hectic day-to-day life can cause stress to take over our lives. That is why more and more people choose to change their lifestyle to focus on health and comfort, following the beneficial concepts of wellbeing and slow life. 

What is wellbeing? 

Wellbeing may seem just another fancy word, but it refers to something as basic as people's comfort and contentment. It’s a general state of satisfaction in life physically, mentally, and socially. Although one’s economy, living situation and employment are some of the main indicators of wellbeing, other factors such as a healthy environment, social relationships, physical activity, or personal development also play a crucial role in improving our wellbeing. 

The art of slow living 

A slower life doesn’t have to be boring, and it can allow us to enjoy the things that make us happy at a calm pace. That is the main principle behind the philosophy of slow life, a movement which invites us to slow down to better appreciate everything around us. Starting to meditate or exercise, spending more quality time with friends and family, or practice sustainable cooking are some of the habits that contribute to slow living. 

Practice wellbeing y slow life in Barcelona 

Learning to guide ourselves by wellbeing or the slow life movement in a day-to-day basis can provide numerous benefits to most areas of our lives. And although it may seem contradictory to try to find peace and comfort in the constant noise of Barcelona, ​​this dynamic city also offers plenty of options to slow down. 

It’s enough to make small changes in your daily habits, such as getting used to disconnect and forget about your phone for a few hours, taking a stroll or going running in the parks and beaches of Barcelona. Your body and mind will appreciate these moments outdoors. 

Or you can also go further and give up the immediacy and urgency in some parts of your routine. Choose to buy local groceries in the neighbourhood market, prepare your food from scratch and discover slow fashion in local businesses in the city. Or just embrace boredom. You will see how your life changes if you stop to enjoy the things that you normally do in a haste. 

Find wellbeing at Grand Hotel Central 

If you’re looking for a place to relieve the stress of your everyday life and focus on wellbeing, at Grand Hotel Central Barcelona we offer you a true oasis of calm at our Único Spa. In this thermal space located on the top floor of our hotel you will be able to relax in a sauna or enjoy the most relaxing massages and treatments. You can check here all the services available at Único Spa. In addition, at the Grand Hotel Central we organise other activities aimed at your wellbeing, such as yoga or running. 

At our 5-star spa hotel in Barcelona you will find all the tranquillity you need in the heart of the city. Book your physical and mental wellness stay at Grand Hotel Central. 

April 29, 2022